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Piper Tri Pacer N6126D

Rey and his Piper Tri Pacer N6126D

I think Rey wanted this plane even though it was a lot slower because it could hold four people. 
That is a big plus since two more people who need to fly than what a two place plane can handle.



FAA Aircraft Registration (N6126D)

Aircraft Summary
Summary Owner Airworthiness Serial Number
1957 PIPER PA-22-150
Fixed wing single engine
(4 seats / 1 engine)
Standard/Unknown 22-4770
Aircraft Details
Engine Weight Speed Mode S Code
Horsepower: 180 (Reciprocating)
Less than 12,500lbs 94mph 51774532
Registration Details
Status Certificate Issue Date Airworthiness Date Last Action Date

Triennial mailed                                1978-02-23                     1957-01-07                 2008-04-15

N Number
(The nationality and registration markings of U.S. registered aircraft.) N6126D
Registrant Name Brian C Neal Registered Address (available with data download) Registrant Description
(Individual, Partnership, Corporation, Co-Owned, Government) Individual Certificate Issue Date
(Date the Aircraft Registration Branch issued the Certificate of Aircraft Registration, AC Form 8050-3. Note: If registered based on a dealer's certificate, "None" will appear in this field.) 02/23/1978 Registration Status The Triennial Aircraft Registration form was mailed and has not been returned by the Post Office
Aircraft Type

(The classification of an aircraft based on construction and method of operation (glider, balloon, blimp/dirigible, fixed wing or rotorcraft).) Fixed Wing Single Engine
Aircraft Manufacturer
PIPER Aircraft Model PA-22-150 Year Manufactured
(Year the aircraft was manufactured based on information shown on the Application for Airworthiness Certificate, FAA Form 8130-6. This is not necessarily the model year.) 1957
Serial Number
(The unique number assigned by the manufacturer/builder. ) 22-4770 Aircraft Transponder Code
(Eight digit transponder address code assigned to each U.S. Registration Number as part of the Mode Select Beacon System (Mode S). Sometimes referred to as the ICAO address code.) 51774532 Air-Worthiness Date 01/07/1957
Engine Type Description

(The type of engine(s) installed on the aircraft (none, reciprocating, turbo-prop, turbo-shaft, turbo-jet, turbine-fan, ramjet, 2 cycle, 4 cycle) Reciprocating
Engine Manufacturer
LYCOMING Engine Model 0-320 SERIES

The latest info on the Tri pacer below.

Brian Neal sold the Piper tri pacer.

The owner listed in the FAA database for registration number: 6126D is DUNGAN GREGORY DAVID located at 46152 LEVITAN WAY, GREAT MILLS MD 20634-3066.

Here is the picture of the Tri Pacer as it is now

It was converted to a tail dragger in 1991. It really looks different than the tricycle gear it had.


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