Rey and 1946 Aeronca Chief,

Reynold O. Klemetti

Private Aircraft Pilot


Reynold O. Klemetti began his airplane career in February 12, 1948 his pilot number was 1448933. This was his student number.

Although the pilots log book says this is the day he started, the log entry for February 10 is the first flight the had.
It was familiarization of the airplane with Max Partridge as instructor.  Max flew the airplane.

They flew in a Cessna 120 tail number NC76830 for 1 hour. The whole month of February was involved with this
new phase of Rey's life.

                                                    A typical 1947 Cessna 120

Medium turns, climbs, stalls, spins, take offs and landings were the things Rey learned.

By the end of February he had 10.1 hours  of flight.

He flew "Solo" and progressed to private pilot on April 22, 1948 and had 46.20 hours of flight time. His Pilots Number was now 1065395

Rey's love for flying showed in his log book. Many short flights of 10 to 15 minutes are logged. That may have seemed to be easy, but Rey had to

drive out to the airport, prep the airplane and take off, fly around and land and park the airplane.


Rey also had a radio repair business that took him across Michigan servicing Police, Fire, County road commission  and Taxi radios.  It worked out well, allowing him to jump into his plane and fly off and fix the radios and get back before evening.