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The Air Knocker NC9193E

Ray has finished his flight training on April 27 1948. This was his first milestone in a
new endeavor. He still flew in the Cessna 120 but now was looking to purchase an airplane of his own.

Rey looked for his airplane and  he  found his new airplane
from friends in the airplane community.

His pick was an Aeronca Chief from Leon Todd of Houghton Lake, MI on August 30, 1948.
Tail number NC9193E.

N9193E Aircraft Registration Information


N Number (The nationality and registration markings of U.S. registered aircraft.) N9193E
Registrant Name Balazs Marguerite Registered Address (available with data download)
Registrant Description
(Individual, Partnership, Corporation, Co-Owned, Government) Co-Owned
Certificate Issue Date

(Date the Aircraft Registration Branch issued the Certificate of Aircraft Registration, AC Form 8050-3. Note: If registered based on a dealer's certificate, "None" will appear in this field.) 05/28/2003 Registration Status The Triennial Aircraft Registration form was mailed and has not been returned by the Post Office Aircraft Type
(The classification of an aircraft based on construction and method of operation (glider, balloon, blimp/dirigible, fixed wing or rotorcraft).) Fixed Wing Single Engine Aircraft Manufacturer AERONCA Aircraft Model 11AC Year Manufactured
(Year the aircraft was manufactured based on information shown on the Application for Airworthiness Certificate, FAA Form 8130-6. This is not necessarily the model year.) 1946 Serial Number (The unique number assigned by the manufacturer/builder. ) 11AC-827
Aircraft Transponder Code
(Eight digit transponder address code assigned to each U.S. Registration Number as part of the Mode Select Beacon System (Mode S). Sometimes referred to as the ICAO address code.) 53135340 Air-Worthiness Date 08/23/1955
Engine Type Description
(The type of engine(s) installed on the aircraft (none, reciprocating, turbo-prop, turbo-shaft, turbo-jet, turbine-fan, ramjet, 2 cycle, 4 cycle) Reciprocating
Engine Manufacturer

It is really neat what you can find on the Internet!  Notice what I found. A picture of Rey's airplane! It looks good, and still flying.

(Notice the V tail of a Beach Craft Bonanza behind the prop.)

This what it looks like today.

Airframe Info

Manufacturer: Aeronca
Model: 11AC    Search all Aeronca 11AC
Year built: 1946
Construction Number (C/N): 11AC-827
Number of Seats: 2
Number of Engines: 1
Engine Manufacturer and Model: Cont Motor A&C65 SERIES
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Registration Type: Co-Owned
Address: Devine, TX 78016
United States
Region: Southwestern


Certification Class: Standard
Certification Issued: 2003-05-28
Air Worthiness Test: 1955-08-23
Last Action Taken: 2006-05-16
Current Status: Valid


You may wonder about the heading The Air Knocker.

This is what Rey called his airplane.  I remember this from our first flight with him in 1948.
I was 6 years old then but those memories are still intact.

Rey sold the Air Knocker on September 19, 1949.


Specifications (1946 11AC Chief)

General characteristics




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