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This what my motor home looks like. It's a 1993 Fleetwood Flair 26 foot long. Scroll down for info on my trips, better fuel mileage and towing a toad (car).
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Front  of motor home with front air dam and wheel covers.

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March 2014

Judy and I went to our annual trip to Florida, via Phenix City, AL.

It was a brutal winter as I was shoveling snow about every day and even had to climb on my roof to shovel 2 feet deep snow.
This made things a difficult job, I don't like the cold either.

Early in March I loaded up the Beast, and hooked up the dolly and drove on the Saturn LW300 wagon. It was only 9 degrees outside and naturally my fingers were frozen. Not to the point of falling off, but it seemed that they would.

After taking off I noticed that the coach battery was not charging. I checked the voltage meter and it was showing 14 volts, so I knew that the alternator was working.
I thought  about it  and concluded the battery cable had become corroded. I pulled into a mall parking lot and in the cold weather and I cleaned the cable.

One small problem gone.



Once in a while the old motor home doesn't want to save on gasoline. I checked the engine codes a while back and they were OK. I blamed it on bad gas. Maybe so. I only got 8 to 9 mpg heading down. It looked like 5 mpg at first. Actually it wasn't too bad for towing our car, although I usually see 9-9.5 mpg. But losing 1 mpg really adds up when you have a 100 gallon tank. That's 75 gallons for a fill-up from 1/4 tank. Thankfully Tennessee is one of those states with cheap gas, only 3.09 per gallon

Once I got to Phenix City I started to work on the RV. My main thing was to finish the install of the Onan 4KW generator I bought online. I had to install the exhaust muffler. It was too cold back home to do that. That went well. Another problem was a loose exhaust pipe hanger in the back. This is a necessary repair since exhaust pipes are expensive and if you can keep them in good shape they will last a long time.  I only had to remove the old hanger and remount it back together a different way.

The house water pump quit and I found that the power switch didn't do anything. My inspection of the pump didn't show anything at first until I spied a fuse holder on a wire. Yep, the fuse was blown. I know why too. I tried the pump too early in the trip and the motor was still frozen. That blows the fuse to protect the motor. Always replace fuses with the correct amperage. If you are forced to use a higher amperage, be sure to replace it with the correct value as soon as you can. No sense in blowing up a very expensive house water pump.

Oh, yeah, I discovered a lose wire in the dolly hitch area that caused a short and blew a fuse. It was the tail lights. I always keep a large selection of fuses in the rig so when this stuff happens I can fix it and be on the go. Tail lights are crucial and I found out the lights we bad from friendly truckers who flashed their headlights as they passed us. I tried the 4 way flashers and they worked so ran down the Expressway until we stopped for the evening. We sleep over night at the truck stop side of the rest area.

 The next morning I found the shorted wire and butt spliced it back together. It is really handy to have one of those electrical connector kits with many handy pieces to rewire things together. A wire crimper is necessary too.

I decided to make a change on the refrigerator power. It is 2 way refrigerator, propane gas and 120v electric. I wanted to save on the propane since it costs about $4.00 per gallon. I wired up an extension cord to my 2500 watt inverter and found that the inverter handled the load well. I really shortens the battery life though. So in short stops I just shut off the refrigerator.

I didn't want the kludge and wanted to switch the AC over the shore power so I drilled a large hole on the upper left near the sleeper sofa to mount a 3 way switch. It is a double throw double pole design with a center off position. I set the switch up position for the inverter and I put an AC plug on the bottom switch connector so I could plug it into the extension cord I was using for the shore power. The center set of screws were wired it to a zip wire with an ac socket on it. that went inside to the refrigerator and I plugged in the AC cord from the refrigerator.

Just by switching the switch up I will use the inverter. By switching the switch down I can use shore power. By using the inverter means my engine is running the refrigerator and burning a small bit of gasoline and saving my propane.


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