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AC Power solution for Motor Homes.

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AC power is a must in an RV. Yes, you may have a generator but that won't help when it's off. I purchased a 2500 watt inverter at a yard sale. It was a real bargain, having power cables and a battery switch.

I wired it directly to my coach battery and engine bolt for ground.  Put a large fuse or breaker box inline with the power cable for your protection. If something shorts out you will quickly burn down your motor home. Go to an electrical contractor and get a fuse box or breaker box to bolt near the battery and wire it in. Connect it to the ground connection, that way everything on the 12 V house battery is protected.

Once I'm on the road I never turn it off. I run my computer, TV, AC fans, and small air compressor with it. Get the inverter with the highest wattage you can afford, it pays off well. It uses almost no power when all the stuff hooked to it is off, making it easy on the coach battery.




I put it under the left side of the dash on the floor. It is out of the way but easy to turn on and off.
It puts out 2500 watts AC.  That will run everything but the air conditioner and microwave.

I am running extension cords for the AC power. I am trying to figure out how I can run the house circuits. My tests showed me that I was running the battery charger too. That is a loss of energy since there ain't no such thing as perpetual power. It is difficult to add wiring to the motor home since all the walls are closed off. You have to drill holes and fish the wires through. Follow all electrical wiring codes for safety.

I added a second D27 battery by moving the engine battery above the frame rail and made a new battery box. Extra cables made up to parallel the batteries. That helps especially when we dry camp and have to run the propane  heater.  

If the house batteries run down the inverter would squeal. When that happens I have to start the engine to charge the batteries up. Since the RV generator runs off the house batteries I have to run the engine so I can stat it up. Once the generator is up I shut down the RV engine.

LED lamps are now available. I bought 10 1056 lamps that worked really well. They are slightly dimmer than the incandescent type I had before. I will buy 2 more brighter to replace in the double lamp fixture.

LED lamps use a lot les electricity too.

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