With Life Force, you get paid to share products you love with people you care about. It's that simple. 
In the U.S. alone, over 70% of people would prefer the freedom and flexibility of being self-employed over working for someone else. Do you know someone who fits this description? Share Body Balance with them and show them another way. 
Life Force Rank Advancement bonuses offer even greater rewards -- above regular commission checks and weekly Fast Start Bonuses. Congratulations to all July Rank Advancers, including new Platinum Members Franziska Friese and Pat Lange! 

The Rank Advancement Bonus is just one of Life Force's extra bonuses paid out above and beyond monthly commission earnings. Dream Kit bonuses work the same way - you can earn them every week in addition to regular commissions.

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These Life Force International members are revving up their  incomes—and so can you!

Life Force International has for over 20 years been making a residual income for everyday people, just like you and I

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Please use my Enroller ID 20839224